Rzephillda Grena Berlinette, also known as Zephie, is the Princess of Lanzheim and the leader of the Southern Forces Counter-Sentinel Unit and the rightful heir to the throne of Lanzheim.

Following the murder of her mother by Schuenzeit, Zephie escapes imprisonment by the Northern Forces to join forces with Alex, Lord of Abazet and the leader of the Southern Forces. She is also the main female protagonist of MagnaCarta II. She meets the central male protagonist Juto on Highwind Island while looking into an ancient sentinel known as The Guardian. She later recruits him into her unit following the apparent murder of his close friend Melissa.


Successor to Lanzheim's royal throne. Following the death of her mother, the queen, she was briefly imprisoned but managed to escape with her bodyguard Rue and joined forces with the Lord Alex's Southern Army. She is a highly skilled wizard and leader of the Counter-Sentinel Unit, a unit devoted to resisting the Sentinels of the Northern Army.

Zephie meets Juto on Highwind Island while the Counter-Sentinel Unit is trying to prevent the Northern Army reaching the Guardian on the island. Zephie and Argo needed a local guide to find the Windsong Caverns. Whilst there Zephie and Argo reluctantly allow Juto to fight alongside them against the Northern Army elite force, but realize they are too late when Guardian Amon is activated. Zephie attacks the guardian but her attacks, along with everyone else's, are useless. She sees Juto destroy the guardian on his own and realizes he may be of use to the Counter-Sentinel Unit.

Three days later the Northern Army invade Highwind Island with Zephie and the others trying to repel the attack by defending the beach, however the powerful siege weapons and Elgar are too strong for the group. They are forced to retreat when Elgar kills Melissa Tiss and Zephie tells Juto to go with her and Argo.

The group manage to escape the island through a boat and retreated back to Abazet.


Zephie uses rods and fans in battle. When using rods she is a very efficient healer for the party and uses wind kan for her skills, however due to her slow attacks, kamonds which lower kan usage or raise the amount kan gained are required for her to fight at full potential.


  • Her nickname Zephie might be an anagram of Zephyros or Zephyr, the god and personification of the west wind from Greek Mythology. Similar to the deity, Zephie also has the power to manipulate and control wind.
  • Interestingly, Zephyr also happens to be the name of one of the soundtracks of MagnaCarta II.