Unwetter or Ropeiden is the primary antagonist in Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche


Husband to Ladrinne.

Currently aiding the Vermillion faction with inside information, Unwetter remains a rather shady character to both Vermillion and Schwarz Strum. No one quite understands his intentions, or why he has such an interest in the affairs of Vermillion. It has been disclosed that he disappeared for almost a decade—presumed to be dead—but he suddenly appears in front of Ferenan and Rose. After his sudden appearance, Ferenan unhesitatingly gives up his role of leader and allow his former leader, Unwetter, take over the charge of Verillion's affairs. Rose and Ferenan questions Unwetter's sudden reappearance and his hasty personality and judgements.


"Unwetter" in German means "severe weather." 

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