In the Magna Carta series, there exist various species. Below is a brief explantion of them:


  • Human: The humans of the MagnaCarta series are generally similar to that of real-life humans.
  • Trewa: This race appears exclusively in MagnaCarta 2: a normally-peaceful race of humanoid giants with animalistic features, who mainly reside in the desert. Their average lifespans is 200 years. Trewa come from either the Bluemoon or Blackhorn tribes, with the latter being very hostile to the former. Before the events of MagnaCarta 2, the Blackhorn Trewa worked with the Northern Forces to destroy the Bluemoon Trewa homeland, scattering its surviving members.
  • Mare (pronounced [mahr-ey]): This race appears solemnly in MagnaCarta 2: a human-like being who live in a village hidden in Navyblue Marsh. Although similar to humans in appearance and physique, their lifespan is often limited to 40 years, maintaining their youthful appearance until they die. This is the main reason why Mare reach adulthood in ten years. They dislike war, but will fight to defend their home if necessary.
  • Nekoneko: This race only appears in MagnaCarta 2: a race of feline creatures. Although some live peacefully in villages, others live as thieves, and sometimes attack the Nekoneko villages.
  • Avis: This race only appears in MagnaCarta 2: a race of bird-like people, who wander Lanzheim after their homeland was destroyed in the Avis War. They make a living as merchants and engineers.



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