Concept artwork of Serina.

Serina is one of the characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. She is the twin sister of Reith.

During the absence of the real Queen Amila, Serina posed as the queen to refrain from having panic grow in the Yason populace.

Serina is the opposite with her sister in terms of character, while Reith was cheerful and bright, Serina was shown as a shy and submissive person.

Despite being the last character introduced in the game, it is said that she had eyes on Calintz long before her sister Reith when they were kids, but due to her shyness for always hiding from him, he mistook her for her sister and became upset. The relationship with Calintz was deepen after the final battle, as shown that Calintz holding her hands 'romantically' at the end of the game cutscene. Serina eventually became a playable character in the game after her sister's demise.


Kyusei              Standard 
Cheer               O O X   Ice
Healing Wind        X O X   Water
Healing Drop        O O X   Ice
Healing Tide        X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Sei'un              Standard 
Icicle Shower       O O X   Ice
Crystal Needle      X O X   Water
Ice River           O O X   Ice
Ice Avalanche       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: The scroll can be found in the Cave after the first mission.

Seiten Kassei       Standard 
Purifying Ebb       O O X   Ice
Spell of Revival    X O X   Water
Luck Magnet         X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Note: Defeat Steelheart at Fuget before the Carian battle.

Suiren              Standard 
Strangling Mist     O O X   Ice
Demon Illusion      X O X   Water
Turbulent Water     X O X   Water
Serpent Storm       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Finish the Seiin Dojo at Mt. Selton to get the scroll.

Gentou              Standard 
Crystal Wave        O O X   Ice
Glacial Rush        O O X   Ice
Ice Mirror          O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Obtained after defeating the Guardian of Ice.