Schuenzeit Baren is the main antagonist who appears in MagnaCarta 2. He is the leader of the Northern Forces and the one responsible for the death of Zephie's mother, Queen Ibrin.

Formerly the Prime Minister of Lanzheim, he assassinated the queen and usurped her throne three years prior. Grave and solemn, his very presence demands deference from those around him. Even when he seems to be acting at ease, his peculiar charisma makes it impossible for others to drop their guard. Cool-headed and craft, there is no limit to the cruelty he is capable of if it helps him achieve his goals. He is said to be a peerless swordsman, but no one has ever seen him in action.


In January 1149 of the Lanzheim calendar, shortly after the "Doomseeds" - a recurring phenomenon spreading around the continent that nullifies Kan wherever it falls - started to fall again, Queen Ibrin of Lanzheim was assassinated by her Prime Minster, Schuenzeit. He imprisoned Zephie, the queen's only daughter. He took the royal throne and put all who opposed him to death.


  • He is voiced by Joji Nakata and English dubbed by Steve Blum.