Concept artwork of Rianna.


Age: 25

Throughout the game, Rianna often mentions of her husband. However, his identity is mentioned until the members of Tears of Blood meets him


Gekisho Shinzan     Standard / Counter
Dark Wolf           X X O   Mountain
Summit Strike       X X X   Earth
Seismic Rupture     X X O   Mountain
White Fang          X X X   Earth
Shield:             *

Tenrai Gekisho      Standard / Counter
Onslaught           O X X   Lightning
Charged Flurry      O X O   Fire
Shooting Star       O X O   Fire
Bone Crusher        O X X   Lightning
Shield:             *

Note: This scroll is obtained after defeating the Horned Gigantas.

Ranka Shoretsu      Standard / Combo
Thunder Fist        O X O   Fire
Death Blossom       O X O   Fire
Iron Fist           O X X   Lightning
Earth Stomper       O X X   Lightning
Stifling Palm       O X O   Fire

Aerial Marauder     O X O O X X O X X O X O
Shield:             *

Note: Finish the Haja Dojo in Rance Woods.

Yasen Shinsho       Standard / Combo
Hero's Advent       X X X   Earth
Swooping Hawk       X X O   Mountain
Phoenix Wing        X X X   Earth
Dawn of Death       X X O   Mountain

Dark Surge          X X O X X X X X O
Shield:             **

Note: Rianna starts with this one but you will get the scroll late in the game 
      in Ranca.

Daichi Myakudo      Standard / Counter
Exorcist Fist       X X X   Earth
Fist of Carnage     X X O   Mountain
Infinite Blow       X X X   Earth

Note: Finish the Hakushu Dojo in the Entress Desert.

Taizan Gekiso       Standard / Counter
Moonbuster          X X O   Mountain
Twin Tigers         X X X   Earth
Dark Fire           X X O   Mountain
Shield:             **

Note: Finish the Takon Dojo in the Mabres Area.