Reith is the heroine and one of the main protagonists in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.


Even though she has amnesia, when she finds Calintz injured, she heals him. From then on, she travels with him and the other members of the Tears of Blood. During their travels, many people are surprised by her lack of common sense, which is a result of the amnesia.

She's always cheerful and speaks her mind directly. She hates fighting and will help anyone in need, without discriminating between humans and Yason. Her primary goal is to get her memory back.


She suffers amnesia and has no recollection whatsoever except her name, Reith.

Her real identity is Queen Amelia of the Yasons.

Her sister is Serina.

Her role in the game is primarily a healer. She does have offensive spells.

Most of her spells her Water, Ice-based.

Later in the game, Reith regains her memories, and resumes her duties as Queen Amila. However, she did not lose her memories as the persona Reith. When she confronts Calintz, she hesitates and even taking an attack from him, despite her superior powers. 

Reith finally meets her demise, when the Light of Salvation is activated to kill her, Calintz, and Ladrinne. Reith, seeing no other way to save everyone, sacrifices herself to save Calintz and his unconscious mother Ladrinne. 


Kyusei              Standard 
Cheer               O O X   Ice
Healing Wind        X O X   Water
Healing Drop        O O X   Ice
Healing Tide        X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Sei'un              Standard 
Icicle Shower       O O X   Ice
Crystal Needle      X O X   Water
Ice River           O O X   Ice
Ice Avalanche       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: The scroll can be found in the Cave after the first mission.

Seiten Kassei       Standard 
Purifying Ebb       O O X   Ice
Spell of Revival    X O X   Water
Luck Magnet         X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Note: Defeat Steelheart at Fuget before the Carian battle.

Suiren              Standard 
Strangling Mist     O O X   Ice
Demon Illusion      X O X   Water
Turbulent Water     X O X   Water
Serpent Storm       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Finish the Seiin Dojo at Mt. Selton to get the scroll.

Gentou              Standard 
Crystal Wave        O O X   Ice
Glacial Rush        O O X   Ice
Ice Mirror          O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Obtained after defeating the Guardian of Ice.