Raud Tesura Mahan is a commander of the Southern Forces Army and one of the supporting characters who appears in MagnaCarta 2.

Though cool and decisive, Raud possesses a determination which borders on inflexibility – until he comes up against a situation he can't control, at which point he folds completely. His loyalty to the Lanzheim Royal Family is unwavering, and ever since enlisting in the Southern Forces Army, he has been keeping watch over Zephie – to the point that she has had to scold him about it. He hates Schuenzeit for starting this war, and wants to see it over as quickly as possible, with Zephie on the throne.



Raud appears as a middle-aged man with gray hair and facial hair. He wears a Southern Forces uniform.


  • He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki and English dubbed by Travis Willingham.

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