People you will meet in MagnaCarta 2.

Juto - (Male, Swordsman, Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)

The main protagonist of the game. Juto is an amnesiac. With no memories from his past, he settles down on a island called Highwind Island with a girl, Melissa Tiss, who has basically adopted him as her little brother, and is living in peace until the war reaches their island. Juto can be outgoing and very childish at times, particularly when it comes to taking orders from others.

Zephie - (Female, Wind Wizard, Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)

The heroine of the game, Rzephillda Grena Berlinette (or simply Zephie), is the rightful heir to the Lanzheim throne that was stolen by the usurper Schuenzeit. She leads the Counter-Sentinel Unit, a special forces for the Southern Forces Army, in hope to get the throne back one day. Zephie is usually cool and has a unshakable demeanor for her age.

Crocell Reeden - (Male, Fire Wizard, Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)

Argo Kindu - (Male, Warrior, Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)

Celestine Roaa - (Female, Ice Wizard, Archer)

Rue - (Female, Lightning Wizard, Counter-Sentinel Unit Member)

Schuenziet Baren - (Male, Supreme Commander of the Northern Forces Army)