Concept artwork of Orha Duren.

Orha Duren is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.


Age: 27

Sex: Male

Occupation: Leader of the Blast Worms, Leader of The Four Warriors

Yason-Roven's strongest warrior, he's fiercely loyal to Queen Amila and leads both the Blast Worms and The Four Warriors. His familiar is Death Raven.

A war orphan, he learned to fight in order to survive, and then joined a mercenary group. Watching his comrades fall in battle only made him hate humans even more. He once saved the Queen from an assassination attempt, and consequently was appointed the leader of the Blast Worms.

Orha rarely reveals any emotion, so no one knows what he's thinking. All that's clear is that he's dedicated to Amila.


Race: Yason


Sanshin Rancho       Standard  
Tornado Blade        X O X   Water
Shield:              *****

Kyushin Hacho        Standard  
Bloody Saber         O O O   Heaven
Shield:              *****

Nishin Choshou       Standard  
Torrid Dynamo        X X X   Earth
Shield:              *****



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