Concept artwork of Maya.

Maya is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. She is a healer and a member of the Tears of Blood mercenary group.


Age: 16

Sex: Female

Occupation: Member of the Tears of Blood

At the age of 10, she witnessed the murder of her family members by the Yason. From the shock, she became aphasiac (unable to talk). Since she was born with the ability to use healing magic, she worked on the battlefield to survive.

She doesn't talk, so she rarely stands out in a crowd. She also doesn't trust people easily, but after she joined the Tears of Blood, she started to open up her heart slowly. Thanks to Chris, who shares a special bond with her, she began to smile again.


Race: Human


Kyusei              Standard 
Cheer               O O X   Ice
Healing Wind        X O X   Water
Healing Drop        O O X   Ice
Healing Tide        X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Sei'un              Standard 
Icicle Shower       O O X   Ice
Crystal Needle      X O X   Water
Ice River           O O X   Ice
Ice Avalanche       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: The scroll can be found in the Cave after the first mission.

Seiten Kassei       Standard 
Purifying Ebb       O O X   Ice
Spell of Revival    X O X   Water
Luck Magnet         X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Note: Defeat Steelheart at Fuget before the Carian battle.

Suiren              Standard 
Strangling Mist     O O X   Ice
Demon Illusion      X O X   Water
Turbulent Water     X O X   Water
Serpent Storm       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Finish the Seiin Dojo at Mt. Selton to get the scroll.

Gentou              Standard 
Crystal Wave        O O X   Ice
Glacial Rush        O O X   Ice
Ice Mirror          O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Obtained after defeating the Guardian of Ice.