Ladrinne Milire Owen

Concept artwork of Ladrinne Milire Owen.

Ladrinne Milire Owen is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.


Age: 44

Sex: Female

Occupation: Great Priestess

The spiritual leader of Amabat, she has tremendous love for all the people of Efferia. She's gentle and elegant, yet courageous enough to risk her life for the sake of others. She cares for the injured and is respected by all.

A strong advocate of peace, she is pained by the continuation of the war. She always prays for her son Agreian's safety before he departs for battle.


Race: Human

Occupation: Great Priestess of Amabat

Mother of Agreian.

The Deceit

Calintz is the biological son of Ladrinne.

Many years ago, Calintz and General Agreian as children exchanged their most valued possession as a sign of friendship. Agreian got a memento of Calintz's mother. As a result, Agreian played the imposter as Ladrinne's son. 

So Calintz would have been "Agreian", had General Agreien did not play the imposter. 

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