Concept artwork of Justina.


Age: 18

Race: Human

Occupation: Priestess of Amabat. Healer.


Kyusei              Standard 
Cheer               O O X   Ice
Healing Wind        X O X   Water
Healing Drop        O O X   Ice
Healing Tide        X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Sei'un              Standard 
Icicle Shower       O O X   Ice
Crystal Needle      X O X   Water
Ice River           O O X   Ice
Ice Avalanche       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: The scroll can be found in the Cave after the first mission.

Seiten Kassei       Standard 
Purifying Ebb       O O X   Ice
Spell of Revival    X O X   Water
Luck Magnet         X O X   Water
Shield:             *

Note: Defeat Steelheart at Fuget before the Carian battle.

Suiren              Standard 
Strangling Mist     O O X   Ice
Demon Illusion      X O X   Water
Turbulent Water     X O X   Water
Serpent Storm       O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Finish the Seiin Dojo at Mt. Selton to get the scroll.

Gentou              Standard 
Crystal Wave        O O X   Ice
Glacial Rush        O O X   Ice
Ice Mirror          O O X   Ice
Shield:             *

Note: Obtained after defeating the Guardian of Ice.



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