Igton Pin is a supporting character who appears in MagnaCarta 2. Igton is an eccentric, fast-talking member of the Avis, a race mostly resembling birds responsible for developing a lot of the technology in Lanzheim. He is a non-playable character that assists the party towards the end of the game, having been rescued from imprisonment by the Northern Forces, but has been frequently sending mail with historical information and facts to the party via Cube (along with everyone else in the world).

A survivor of the machine-building Avis race. Though the Avis’ home was destroyed in a war many years earlier, they have somehow managed to rebuild from scratch. Optimistic and jovial, he is at his cheeriest in the darkest of circumstances. Since he speaks so quickly, he often leaves the people around him even more annoyed. Though he was raised without any particular hardship, witnessing the brutality of war has left him yearning to go to La Strada. Nevertheless, he has decided to live his life cheerfully and without care, and never gets carelessly angry


In Disc 2, he first appears in Ruhalt Plateau being inside a prison cage.


  • He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi and English dubbed by Dave Wittenberg.
  • It is unknown why the Northern Forces would imprisoned Igton as he had posed no threat whatsoever to their forces.

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