King helios

Concept artwork of Helios Ryuad Rune Sirat.

Helios Ryuad Rune Sirat is the father of Ladrinne Morei Rune Sirat, grandfather of Calintz, and King of Sirat Kingdom

Ladrinne holds a grudge against her father. 

During the destruction of Krios, Ladrinne was separated from her son and Ropeidan. King Helios ordered her evacuation. Ladrinne would not leave without her son even if it would cost her life, but her attendants would stop her. She assumed her son to be dead, and bore a great hatred towards her father. Ladrinne believed that her father only viewed as a her political tool to strengthen his power by marrying her off to the Krios prince, Ropeiden/Unwetter.


He is a non-playable and non-fighting character.

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