Concept artwork of Haren.

Haren is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. He is a member of the Tears of Blood mercenary group.


Age: 28

Sex: Male

Occupation: Member of the Tears of Blood

Simple-minded and quick to fight, he is confident and sometimes even reckless. His fists are his weapons of choice. Because his fiancee was killed by the Yason, his hatred of them is stronger than anyone's. He feels guilty that he wasn't able to save her, and so he became a mercenary to avenge her death.

Rank is not important to him. He detests authority figures, and won't try to hide it. He's loyal to his comrades, although he's not good at expressing his emotions, so often he's mistaken as being rude.


Fiance: Felicia (deceased)


Gekisho Shinzan     Standard / Counter
Dark Wolf           X X O   Mountain
Summit Strike       X X X   Earth
Seismic Rupture     X X O   Mountain
White Fang          X X X   Earth
Shield:             *

Tenrai Gekisho      Standard / Counter
Onslaught           O X X   Lightning
Charged Flurry      O X O   Fire
Shooting Star       O X O   Fire
Bone Crusher        O X X   Lightning
Shield:             *

Note: This scroll is obtained after defeating the Horned Gigantas.

Ranka Shoretsu      Standard / Combo
Thunder Fist        O X O   Fire
Death Blossom       O X O   Fire
Iron Fist           O X X   Lightning
Earth Stomper       O X X   Lightning
Stifling Palm       O X O   Fire

Aerial Marauder     O X O O X X O X X O X O
Shield:             *

Note: Finish the Haja Dojo in Rance Woods.

Yasen Shinsho       Standard / Combo
Hero's Advent       X X X   Earth
Swooping Hawk       X X O   Mountain
Phoenix Wing        X X X   Earth
Dawn of Death       X X O   Mountain

Dark Surge          X X O X X X X X O
Shield:             **

Note: Rianna starts with this one but you will get the scroll late in the game 
      in Ranca.

Daichi Myakudo      Standard / Counter
Exorcist Fist       X X X   Earth
Fist of Carnage     X X O   Mountain
Infinite Blow       X X X   Earth

Note: Finish the Hakushu Dojo in the Entress Desert.

Taizan Gekiso       Standard / Counter
Moonbuster          X X O   Mountain
Twin Tigers         X X X   Earth
Dark Fire           X X O   Mountain
Shield:             **

Note: Finish the Takon Dojo in the Mabres Area.