Concept artwork of Estell.

Estell is the wife of the previous King Clive. She is, however, not the queen. 

Estell is a very beautiful lady who is the mother of Juclecia and the wife of the previous emperor of Shudelmir. Apparently, she often played with the young Calintz in a garden and talked with him as her best friend. Unfortunately, she was killed. The most likely reason for her murder was because she was a spy for Vermillion.

Calintz developed an attachment to Estell as if a son would to a mother.


Estell was a spy who worked for Unwetter and his Vermillion terrorist faction. 

The "real" Unwetter and his terrorists planned to execute their plans, but found out that Estell's cover had been blown. Hence, Unwetter stabbed Estell in the abdomen for her failure. Tristan, a boy roughly 8 years of age, experienced his father's atrocity and proceeded to stab his father in the ribs with a knife.  Tristan terrified by what he had done to his father, ran away from the scene believing that his father had died from his wound. As a result, Calintz suffered an amnesia. King Helios realized Tristan's amnesia and gave him a new identity as Calintz. 


She is a non-playable character and has no part in any fighting.

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