Eonis MC TOB 01

Concept artwork of Eonis Milan.

Eonis Milan is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. She is a skilled magician and a member of the Tears of Blood mercenary group.


Age: 22

Sex: Female

Occupation: Member of the Tears of Blood

A highly educated mage who's been well known for her talent since she was a young girl. She's also very intelligent and full of useful information. Level-headed and rational, she thinks carefully before making decisions.

Because she is like a caring older sister to the other members of the Tears of Blood, she gets along with just about everyone. She also has a strong sense of morality. Both of her parents were killed by the Yason, but rather than seeking revenge, she fights in hope of ending the war.


Hikyu Madoh         Standard 
Scorching Shot      O X O   Fire
Fire Blast          O X O   Fire
Fiery Tempest       O X X   Lightning
Inferno Flash       O X O   Fire
Shield:             *

Raiden              Standard 
Lightning Orb       O X X   Lightning
Electrowave         O X O   Fire
Lightning Cross     O X O   Fire
Solar Bolt          O X X   Lightning
Shield:             *

Note: This is obtained after defeating the Guardian of Lightning

Daichi Gouha        Standard 
Flying Strike       X X O   Mountain
Rising Sands        X X X   Earth
Earth Ronde         X X O   Mountain
Terra Ruins         X X X   Earth
Shield:             *

Note: Complete the Kokuun Dojo at the Island of Water

Yakumo Den'ei       Standard 
Demon Slayer        O X X   Lightning
Bolt Cluster        O X O   Fire
Royal Thunder       O X X   Lightning
Shield:             *

Note: Defeat Roxy at the Island of Void

Taiha Jado          Standard 
Cross Flame         O X O   Fire
Blazing Fury        O X O   Fire
Thunder Flare       O X O   Fire
Shield:             *

Note: Defeat the Guardian of Heaven. In this game the scroll is called "Dai