Elgar the Regicide is an antagonist who is part of the Northern Forces and appears in the game MagnaCarta 2. He is widely feared throughout the Southern Forces as the strongest, fiercest warrior in the Northern Forces.

The strongest and most feared warrior of the entire Northern Forces Army. Elgar is excessively cruel, and thinks nothing of taking lives – a fact which makes him an excellent killing tool. He is perfectly aware of his own superiority, and looks down on his opponents with haughty turns of phrase and an appropriately domineering manner. The only exception is Schuenzeit, towards whom he is uncharacteristically polite, but although he follows Schuenzeit’s orders faithfully, he shows little interest in his plans, or in the civil war itself.


He first appears in Highwind Island as part of the Northern Forces fleet attacking the island to capture the Ancient Guardian.


  • He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama and English dubbed by Johnny Yong Bosch.