Doomseeds (MC2)

Doomseeds are dark, eerily glowing spheres of light that fall onto war-torn landscapes throughout Lanzheim. They are believed to be the harbingers or seeds of calamity.

They began falling immediately after the end of the Great Carta War which occurred roughly one thousand years ago.

In Magna Carta 2, after the party escapes to Cota Mare from Oldfox Canyon, they encounter the doomseeds falling from the sky. Zephie explains to Juto that when Doomseeds are falling, wizardry cannot be used. This is shown to the player that if try to use Zephie or Rue as party members, they will be unable to use any Kan unless they leave the Doomseed area.


  • The final boss has some control over Doomseeds, as he is able to unleash it upon the party, preventing them from using wizardry abilities. However, it is unknown whether he has full control over it. It is also unclear if he is responsible for Doomseeds appearing around Cota Mare and Belfort.