Crocell Reeden is a sixteen-year-old fire wizard who is a member of the Counter-Sentinel Unit. Crocell may look like a cute little boy, but he has a rude way of speaking, and he is not afraid to speak out about anything he doesn't like. He has a hard time getting close to people or being honest with himself, but he is very good at pushing other people's buttons — a trait that often leads him into conflict with the short-tempered Juto. He lost his parents and his little sister in the war, and hates the Northern Forces Army because of it.


Before the events of Magna Carta 2, Crocell was raised into a noble house famous for its fire wizardry among Lanzheim in Belfort.

However, during the Lanzheim Civil War, his parents and little sister were killed and their house was burned to the ground. He left Belfort and fled to Abazet where joined the Counter-Sentinel Unit.

Appearance and personality

Crocell is a young boy with brown hair and red eyes. He wears a red coat and black pants. Crocell is hot-headed and often gets in arguments with Juto. When they first met, the latter threatens to fight him and would have done so if Zephie hadn't stopped him.


  • He is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama and English dubbed by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • In the MagnaCarta 2 Korean website, his age was stated as being 16. However, the game states that his age is 15. It is unknown if this is an error.