Count Alex Laimon Rudo is a character who appears in MagnaCarta 2.

Ruler of Abazet and the leader of the Southern Forces Army. Alex holds the rank of Count. On the surface, he seems calm and mild-mannered, polite, and considerate of others. He also has a soft way of speaking. Nevertheless, prior to the war – despite being the ruler of the largest city in southern Lanzheim – he was so disliked by the higher-ranking nobles in Belfort that he was effectively barred from entering the capital.


Alex is the ruler of Abazet and the commander in chief of the Southern Forces army. He and Zephie worked together to rise up against Schuenzeit and the Northern Forces. It is also known that he was the co-founder of the Counter-Sentinel Unit.

It was revealed very late in the game by Raud that Alex was working with Schuenzeit all along, and that the war with the Northern Forces had been pointless. 


He appears as a man in his early thirties wearing a Southern Forces Army uniform. He has short brown hair (usually shown to be a shade of green), fair skin, and green eyes.


  • He is voiced by Ken Narita and English dubbed by Crispin Freeman.