Claire Setilan is one of the primary antagonists who appears in the video game, MagnaCarta 2. She is part of the Northern Forces and an enemy of Zephie and the Counter-Sentinel Unit.

Loyal and close confidant to Schuenzeit, Claire deeply admires Schuenzeit and would gladly lay down her life for him. Beautiful, talented, and proud, she is cynical to all except for Schuenzeit, for whom she withholds no praise.


Much of Claire's past remains a mystery. Years before the events of MagnaCarta II, Claire was abandon by her family while she was in her youth. At some point in time, Schuenzeit adopted her and became his loyal companion.

Her first appearance was shown in the introduction of the game where she is seen along with Schuenzeit, Elgar, and the Northern Forces soldiers who arrive at Belfort to seize control of the Lanzheim throne.

She appears again in Oldfox Canyon after the Southern Forces and the Counter-Sentinel Unit break through the Northern Forces defenses. After the party see her waving her gun at them to follow her, she flees while the party chases her. When Zephie and the others belived they had cornered her, she smiles as suddenly the way they Counter-Sentinel Unit came is blocked.

"Ehehe...Such a rare event...To be honest, it was a close call for us today."

After summoning Astaroth, a Sentinel, with two monsters, she has it deal with the party while she leaves, most likely to Belfort.

Claire is not see again until Disc 2, where she appears to tell Melissa to fall back, while letting a giant Sentinel attack the party.


Claire appears as a beautiful young woman in her early twenties and is slim. She has dark-emerald eyes, pale skin and long shoulder-length dark hair (often mistaken to be a shade of dark blue). She is always seen dressed in a dark blue dress and skirt, high stockings, and high heels.


She always has two guns with her as her choice in fighting enemies. Claire can also combined both to form a shotgun and can deal massive damage to one opponent.


The player fights against Claire two times late in the game: Cota Mare and La Strada.

She is very strong to defeat if the party is at lower levels. Her high defense and attacks make her a dangerous opponent to face.

Start the battle by having Argo and two other party members. Have the former equip an Axe and immediately use armor break on Claire in order to inflict more damage. Make sure Zephie is equipped with a rod along with the accessory Kan Reduction so she can heal and resurrect party members. 


  • Although Claire has an umbrella in her concept artwork, she is never seen wearing it in the game.
  • She is voiced by Michiko Neya and English dubbed by Laura Bailey.

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