Although Calintz appears in both Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche and Tears of Blood, the Calintz in these series have similar appearances, but their history, family, and universe is all entirely different. 

Calintz in Phantom of Avalanche 


Calintz Jerevinan

Calintz is the heir of King Helios]

The New Identity

The "real" Unwetter and his terrorists planned to execute their plans, but found out that Estell's cover had been blown. Hence, Unwetter stabbed Estell in the abdomine for her failure. Tristan, a boy roughly 8 years of age, experienced his father's atrocity and proceeded to stab his father in the ribs with a knife.  Tristan terrified by what he had done to his father, ran away from the scene believing that his father had died from his wound. As a result, Tristan suffered an amnesia. King Helios realized Tristan's amnesia and gave him a new identity as Calintz, possibly by using the Emblem. 

The Tension between Ladrinne and Calintz

Ladrinne, Calintz's biological mother, was unaware that her son was even alive; furthermore, Ladrinne didn't even know Calintz was her son. Hence, when King Helios declared Calintz as his heir, she was furious, believing that her father had abandoned her and her family. Ladrinne attempted to convince King Helios to change her mind, but only in vain; King Helios stated that "since ancient time, the kings were determined by their fighting aptitude. Calintz is our best warrior, so I chose him." As a result, she harbored great hatred towards Calintz. Using her influence, expelled Calintz from Sirat, King Helios' country.. 

The Son, Alive

Calintz had a bracelet which was a memento of his mother. However, he gave it to Adora.

Ladrinne found Calintz's memento asking Adora where she found the bracelet. Adora answered that it belonged to Calintz and that it was the memento of his mother. 

Ladrinne knew then that Calintz was her son. The bracelet did not have a replicate since it was manufactured for the Krios royalty. 

The Conclusion

In the conclusion of the game, Ladrinne and Calintz reconcile, put aside their pasts, and attempt to renew their relationship as mother and son very willingly. 

He leaves Shudemir and returns Sirat; this also leaves the disbanding of the 7th division. 

Calintz in Tears of Blood

Calintz was an war orphan in this game. He grew up in Fuget with the childhood name, Mano. His quest for vengeance started when his home Fuget was attacked by Yasons. 

He is the leader of a Mercenary Group, Tears of Blood. 

Tears of Blood's headquarters is located in Garute.

Calintz's real identity is Agreian, son of Ladrinne Milire Owen.

Ladrinne has a completely different appearance and background than Ladrinne from Magna Carta:Phantom of Avalanche.

General Agreian, is an imposter who stole Calintz's identity and pretending to be Ladrinne's son. 

His father is a different person from Magna Carta:Phantom of Avalanche. His appearance is not shown. It is known that his father died before his father got to see Calintz.



Fuget               Standard / Combo    
Rush Blade          X O O   Wind         
Blitz Blade         O O O   Celestial
Ghost Blade         X O O   Wind
Soul Blade          O O O   Celestial

Air Rush            O O O X O O O O O 
Shield:             ****

Note: Can be used by Calintz only

Ryusei Ikko Kai     Standard / Combo    
Violent Wind        O X X   Lightning
Violent Squall      O X O   Fire
Tiger Blast         O X X   Lightning
Bloody Flash        O X O   Fire
Cutlass Thrust      O X X   Lightning

Thunder Blade       O X O O X X O X O O X X
Shield:             ***

Note: Obtain at the Ryusei Dojo in the Valley of Lester.

Ten'en Sho          Standard / Combo    
Sky Blade           O O X   Ice
Heavenly Blade      X O X   Water
Forbidden Blade     O O X   Ice
Sword of Nortus     X O X   Water

Swallow Slash       X O X O O X X O X
Shield:             *****

Note: Obtain the scroll after defeating Minet and Eckran the first time.

Ten'en Hisho        Standard / Counter   
Azure Blade         X O O   Wind
Cosmic Blade        O O O   Celestial
Exile Blade         X O O   Wind
Raging Tempest      X O O   Wind
Shield:             *****

Note: In the one-on-one battle between Calintz and Astal you must deplete his 
      HP to 0.

Housen Shukan      Standard / Counter   
Flowing Shadow      X O X   Water
Ice Bloom           O O x   Ice
Water Blades        X O X   Water
Shield:             ****

Note: Obtain at the Ara Dojo in Caska.

Tenmei Keishin      Standard / Combo   
Vacuous Impact      O O O   Celestial
War Cry             X O O   Wind
Flying Trio         O O O   Celestial
Accelerator         X O O   Wind
Cyclone Starter     X O O   Wind
Stellar Ascent      O O O   Celestial

Dragon Descent      X O O O O O X O O X O O O O O
Shield:             ****

Note: Raul starts with this but you can get it later by completing the Tendo 
Dojo at Mt. Grayton.

True Fuget          Standard / Counter   
Cosmic Quake        O O O   Celestial
Eternal Blade       O O O   Celestial
Heavenly Burst      O O O   Celestial
Shield:             *****

Note: This is earned through the story and can only be obtained by Calintz.



  • Calintz in Tears of Blood (Kim Hyun Tae drawing)
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  • Calintz in Phantom of Avalanche.
  • Calintz in Phantom of Avlanche.