Concept artwork of Azel.

Azel (Japanese name: アゼル) is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.


Age: 18

Sex: Male

Occupation: Member of the Tears of Blood

Calintz saved him from a Yason attack when he was younger, and he's been with him ever since. He sees Calintz as his savior and looks up to him with the utmost respect and admiration. He's proud to be a member of the Tears of Blood, and strives to repay his debt to Calintz.

He's friendly and polite, and always thinks of others. Though he's often treated like a kid, he's actually pretty responsible for his age.


Physical Qualities:

Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length To Neck
Apparent Age Teen
Gender Male
Animal Ears No


Ryusei Ikko         Standard / Counter    
Wild Wind           O O O   Celestial
Wild Squall         X O O   Wind
Dragon Gale         O O O   Celestial
Crimson Flash       X O O   Wind
Shield:             ***

Note: Can be used by Azel only

Ryusei Ikko Kai     Standard / Combo    
Violent Wind        O X X   Lightning
Violent Squall      O X O   Fire
Tiger Blast         O X X   Lightning
Bloody Flash        O X O   Fire
Cutlass Thrust      O X X   Lightning

Thunder Blade       O X O O X X O X O O X X
Shield:             ***

Note: Obtain at the Ryusei Dojo in the Valley of Lester.

Ten'en Sho          Standard / Combo    
Sky Blade           O O X   Ice
Heavenly Blade      X O X   Water
Forbidden Blade     O O X   Ice
Sword of Nortus     X O X   Water

Swallow Slash       X O X O O X X O X
Shield:             *****

Note: Obtain the scroll after defeating Minet and Eckran the first time.

Ten'en Hisho        Standard / Counter   
Azure Blade         X O O   Wind
Cosmic Blade        O O O   Celestial
Exile Blade         X O O   Wind
Raging Tempest      X O O   Wind
Shield:             *****

Note: In the one-on-one battle between Calintz and Astal you must deplete his 
      HP to 0.

Housen Shukan      Standard / Counter   
Flowing Shadow      X O X   Water
Ice Bloom           O O x   Ice
Water Blades        X O X   Water
Shield:             ****

Note: Obtain at the Ara Dojo in Caska.

Tenmei Keishin      Standard / Combo   
Vacuous Impact      O O O   Celestial
War Cry             X O O   Wind
Flying Trio         O O O   Celestial
Accelerator         X O O   Wind
Cyclone Starter     X O O   Wind
Stellar Ascent      O O O   Celestial

Dragon Descent      X O O O O O X O O X O O O O O
Shield:             ****

Note: Raul starts with this but you can get it later by completing the Tendo 
Dojo at Mt. Grayton.