Argo Kindu is a playable character who appears in the game Magna Carta 2. He is a part of the Counter-Sentinel Unit and is Zephie's protector when Rue is absent.

A warrior of the long-lived Trewa race. Argo has a massive body as hard as a rock. Level-headed, patient, and responsible, he often plays the role of mediator during arguments. A very responsible person, he is usually slow to anger – though if he does lose his temper, he becomes like an unstoppable inferno. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Lanzheim and seems far wiser and more knowledgeable than other Trewa of the same age. 

He does not like to assert himself, preferring to listen to the opinions of others. He hopes to see the war end so that he can go back to a life of peace. Though an excellent fighter, he has little stomach for combat.


Long before the events of MagnaCarta 2 , Argo was once the former chieftain of the Bluemoon Trewa Tribe. They, along with the Blackhorn Trewa Tribe, were once normally a peaceful humanoid giants with animal-like features, who mainly reside in the desert in an unknown location in Lanzheim. Things changed, however, as the latter became more and more hostile towards the former. At some point in time, the Blackhorn Trewa Tribe formed an alliance with the Northern Forces to destroy the Bluemoon Trewa homeland, scattering its surviving members through the land.

Argo escaped the bloodshed of his kind and fled to Abazet where he had joined the Southern Forces and became a member of the Counter-Sentinel Unit.


  • He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu and English dubbed by Jamieson Price.

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