Amila Reith Riein Zes is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. She is the Queen of the Yasons.


The Queen of the 7 tribes of Yason-Roven, she comes from the tribe of Chief Shinen. Cool and stern, she hides her face behind a mask. Showing no sign of emotion, she commands utter loyalty from her subjects. Because of her personality, she is known as the "Ice Queen."

She founded the Blast Worms and leveled the playing field with the humans. She loves the Yason like a mother, and would destroy anyone who dares to harm them, even if it's one of her own people.

Her face is hidden by a semilunar shaped mask. 

Chi uses: Earth and Mountain. 


Queen Amila used a fraction of the Light of Salvation's powers to protect her capital from the Alliance's assault. As a result, the Queen Amila suffered amnesia; she became the childish gentle magician called Reith. She accompanied the members of Tears of Blood while also searching for her memories.  

Later in the game, Reith regains her memories, and resumes her duties as Queen Amila. However, she did not lose her memories as the persona Reith. When she confronts Calintz, she hesitates and even taking an attack from him, in spite of her superior powers. 

During her absence, Serina, disguised as Amila.


Queen Amila finally meets her demise, when the Light of Salvation is activated to kill her, Calintz, and Ladrinne. Queen Amila, seeing no other way to save everyone, sacrifices herself to save Calintz and his unconscious mother Ladrinne.