Concept artwork of Agreian Jei Owen.

Agreian Jei Owen is one of the main characters who appears in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.


Age: 26

Sex: Male

Occupation: General of the Alliance Army

The General of the Alliance Army, he gives assignments to the Tears of Blood. He's also the son of the Great Priestess of Amabat, Mistress Ladrinne. He's an effective commander with a kind heart, having earned a great deal of respect from both civilians and soldiers.

He and Calintz consider each other friends. He trusts Calintz and goes out of his way to assist him when he's in trouble.

The Deceit

Calintz is the biological son of Ladrinne.

Many years ago, Calintz (Mano) and General Agreian (Hugo) as children exchanged their most valued possession as a sign of friendship. Hugo got a memento of Calintz's mother. As a result, Hugo played the imposter as Ladrinne's son. 

So Calintz would have been "Agreian", had Hugo did not play the impostor.